How to Download Games For Peace, Full Complete with Apk

How to Download Games For Peace Step by step with Link

How to Download Games For Peace Step by step with Link

Are you a PUBG game player?

Lately, PUBG Mobile has been blocked from China because it has not passed government requirements, so access to the downloaded application has been removed for Chinese users.

The many enthusiasts of PUBG Mobile games in China make Tencent play the brain and issue a game that has various elements similar to PUBG Mobile.

The game was titled Game for Peace which was provided to replace PUBG Mobile. This game has various interesting things that you can find.

For those of you who are curious about the game, following me include how to download and play Game for Peace. Come on, see more about the following!

Game For Peace Becomes Substitute of Mobile PUBG in China, Here's How to Download it!
Bad news enveloped mobile game players in China because they lost one of the pioneers of the game battle royale, PUBG Mobile.

Although previously only available in the form of trial or trial, but the enthusiasts have been very crowded. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile does not qualify from the government.

This game is considered too sadistic so it was replaced with a more decent game, namely Game for Peace. This blocking is not the first time for PUBG Mobile.

Quoted from Screenrant, PUBG Mobile has been blocked or banned in 4 cities in India, Nepal, as well as a ban on the use of loot boxes in games in the US.

Indonesia itself has challenged this game as an illegitimate game by the MUI, considering the number of shootouts in the game.

Game for Peace itself passed all the requirements issued by the Chinese government. Not only that, this game also animated Chinese air defense aircraft flying at the start of the game.

PUBG Mobile players who have various items on their account can move data to Game for Peace for free.

The IHS Markit Game Analyst, Cui Chenyu, said that Game for Peace has a lot in common with PUBG Mobile.

However, if you pay close attention, there are various differences between the two games.

Difference between Game For Peace and PUBG Mobile
The difference between the two games was also approved by Tencent when interviewed by Reuters. There are various things that make this game different and can get away from the government.

First is the absence of blood displayed when the player shoots the enemy. It is a green sign that is lit from the body of the enemy.

In addition, the dead enemy will sit down and give the equipment to the ground. In fact, he also waved as if to say goodbye.

How to Download Games For Peace,

Not only that, at the beginning of the game, you will see a number of fighter shows that fly before your plane glides through the map.

In addition, there were also a number of fighter planes with yellow and red smoke that crossed the lobby before the start of the game.

This show is considered as a tribute to the Chinese Air Force.

Whereas, the graphics and gameplay that the two games have are very similar. It's hard to find graphic differences in these two games.

How to Download Game For Peace
Game for Peace is officially available at the Chinese version of Tencent Gaming Buddy or the Apps Store. If you want to play on Android, you can download the APK.

Download Game For Peace for free here.

After downloading, you can easily install it on your cellphone. Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click the Game For Peace APK file, then select Install

Step 2 - Open the Game For Peace application and download the update file

How to Download Games For Peace Step by step with Link

Note: This Game For Peace is only available for China, so the language used also uses Chinese.

You can't change it to English, but the way to play is quite similar to PUBG Mobile, so you are familiar with all the features available.

Follow the steps to play Game for Peace below if you experience difficulties.

How to Play the Game For Peace
Unlike PUBG Mobile, you must have a WeChat or Tencent QQ account because you will be asked to log in with one of the two applications.

Then you can follow the steps below to start playing:

The final word

That's how to download and play Game For Peace. Very interesting to play, right?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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