How to Register for Professional Facebook: Here are the Steps

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how to register fb pro - how to register pro facebook, Registering for a professional Facebook account is open to all users of this social media platform. The professional mode on Facebook (FB) brings forth a set of professional features and insights that can assist in building a professional presence on individual profiles.

The advantage of the professional mode for eligible Facebook users is that they can access monetization features, allowing them to earn money from their content. The process to register for a professional Facebook account will be shared below. But first, let's delve into more details about this mode. 

What is Professional Facebook (FB)?

Summarizing information from the official page, Professional Facebook is a mode within the social media platform that introduces a set of professional features and insights to enhance the professional presence of users' Facebook profiles. Users who already have a Facebook account don't need to create a new one to switch to the professional mode. Additionally, they can maintain personal connections with friends and family on the same account while simultaneously building a professional presence.

Here are the changes that occur when switching a Facebook account to professional mode:

1. Friends, followers, and previously stored content remain unchanged.

2. Account privacy settings will not be altered.

3. Users can view insights and audiences for their content to monitor account progress.

4. Enhanced security features are available with Facebook's provided Moderation Assistance.

5. Content shared on a professional account is more easily discoverable.

6. Following preferences will be set to Public, allowing fans to interact with the professional account and view more content.

7. Eligible professional mode users can access monetization products to earn money from Facebook content.

8. This mode is suitable for users who want to share updates or content with a broader audience. Furthermore, users can have an unlimited number of followers but can only follow up to 5,000 friends.

**How to Activate Professional Mode on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide**

Activating professional mode can be done through the mobile application or the web browser. Still quoting from, here's how to register for a professional Facebook account that users can follow:

1. Users must already have a Facebook account and log in to that account.

2. Tap the three-line icon at the bottom right of Facebook, then tap your Facebook username.

3. Tap the three-dot icon below the Facebook profile picture.

4. Select 'Enable Professional Mode.'

5. Then, tap 'Enable' to confirm.

6. Done. Your Facebook account is now in professional mode.

If you want to disable professional mode, users can follow the instructions above, then select 'Disable Professional Mode' in the fifth step. After professional mode is disabled, all previously acquired features cannot be accessed anymore.

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