MicroG APK Download latest version


MicroG APK Download latest version

Iblogtren - MicroG APK Download latest version for revanced youtube

Can you tell me more about MicroG?

MicroG is a project developed as an open-source initiative with the goal of offering a cost-free and privacy-oriented substitute for the Google Play Services framework found on Android devices. It introduces a collection of re-engineered and interoperable APIs, enabling applications to operate independently without dependence on the official Google Play Services.

MicroG Features

MicroG Features

MicroG APK Info

App name MicroG
Developer oSumAtrIX
Size 9.8MB
Updated on 2023 November 29

MicroG Link Download Apk Older Version

Version Uploaded Size Link 2023 November 29 9.8MB Download 2023 August 29 17.0MB Download 2023 May 23 11.4MB Download 2023 May 23 11.3MB Download 2023 May 23 11.3MB Download 2023 May 23 11.3MB Download 2023 May 23 11.0MB Download 2023 May 23 5.6MB Download

How To Download and Install MicroG?

Step For Android :

  1. To ensure a clean installation process, uninstall any existing versions of MicroG and YouTube ReVanced. Next, download and install the most recent MicroG version from this link. Keep in mind that MicroG operates as a background service and might necessitate certain background permissions.
  2. Afterward, download and install the latest version of YouTube ReVanced from this link.
  3. Now, you can indulge in an ad-free YouTube viewing experience.

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