Revanced YouTube v19.04.35 Universal [NonRoot] (Premium, No Ads) [RVP v2.220.1] apk

 YouTube ReVanced Mod Latest Version

Revanced YouTube  v19.04.35 Universal [NonRoot] (Premium, No Ads) [RVP v2.220.1] apk - Revanced YouTube / Youtube Vanced  v19.04.35 Universal [NonRoot] (Premium, No Ads) [RVP v2.220.1] Download. 

What is YouTube ReVanced?

YouTube ReVanced is a customized (mod) version of the official YouTube app designed for Android devices, providing additional functionalities not found in the official app. These features encompass ad-blocking, background playback, pinch-to-zoom for videos, and more. Additionally, ReVanced offers a dark mode option for the app interface.

ReVanced cannot be found on the Google Play Store and must be acquired from a third-party source. It necessitates the installation of the original YouTube app on the device, as it shares some components with the official app.

It's important to note that ReVanced is independent of and not endorsed by Google, and its usage may potentially violate YouTube's terms of service. Users should approach its use with caution and at their own risk.

YouTube ReVanced differs from YouTube Premium.

It is a customized edition of the original YouTube app, offering extra features like ad-blocking, background playback, and more.

Does YouTube ReVanced support auto-update?

YouTube ReVanced does not have auto-update support.

However, we provide the Community ReVanced Manager, which includes a feature to check for and update to new versions.

App name YouTube ReVanced
Developer ReVanced Team
Size 162.1MB
Version 19.03.35
Updated on 2024 January 28

YouTube ReVanced APK Download 

Version Uploaded Size Link
19.03.35 2024 January 28 162.1MB Download
19.02.34 2024 January 18 165.2MB Download
19.01.34 2024 January 18 165.1MB Download
18.49.37 2024 January 18 163.8MB Download
18.48.39 2024 January 18 163.3MB Download
18.45.43 2024 January 17 161.2MB Download
18.45.41 2024 January 17 161.1MB Download
18.44.41 2023 November 16 161.2MB Download
18.38.44 2023 November 06 153.5MB Download
18.37.36 2023 October 05 153.2MB Download
18.32.39 2023 August 28 150.6MB Download
18.29.38 2023 October 16 155.9MB Download
18.23.35 2023 August 13 150.5MB Download
18.20.39 2023 August 13 150.0MB Download
18.19.35 2023 August 13 149.8MB Download
18.16.37 2023 August 13 150.0MB Download

How to download and install YouTube ReVanced?

Step Installation For Android
  1. Uninstall any existing MicroG and YouTube ReVanced installations.
  2. Get the most recent MicroG version from this link and install it. Keep in mind that MicroG operates in
  3. the background, so certain background permissions may be necessary.
  4. Download and install the latest YouTube ReVanced version from this source.
  5. Experience ad-free YouTube viewing.

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