5 Most Expensive Players at Euro 2024, Number 1 is priced at €180 million!


5 Most Expensive Players at Euro 2024, Number 1 is priced at €180 million!
The European Championship, UEFA Euro 2024, is set to heat up Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024. You can watch all the matches here.  
Euro 2024 is not only a showcase for the best soccer skills from across Europe, but also a stage for top players with fantastic transfer fees. In this article, we take a look at the five most expensive players at Euro 2024, with number one costing up to €180 million!
1. Kylian Mbappé (France) - €180 Million
 It's no surprise that Kylian Mbappé tops this list. The former Paris Saint-Germain F.C. forward has shown incredible quality from a young age, and he is now one of the most influential players in the world. Mbappé's pace, dribbling skills, and sharpness in front of goal make him a threat to every opponent. His value of €180 million reflects his undeniable potential and quality.

However, there is recent news regarding Kylian Mbappé's current club move, Real Madrid has acquired Kylian Mbappé on a free agent status meaning that Kylian Mbappé is no longer playing for Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
2. Erling Haaland (Norway) - €170 Million

Although Norway are not the favorites to win Euro 2024, the presence of Erling Haaland makes them a team to be reckoned with. The striker has scored goal after goal for club and country with remarkable consistency. With a market value of €170 million, Haaland is one of the most valuable young talents in world football today.
3. Phil Foden (England) - €150 million

Phil Foden is the jewel in England's star-studded squad. The Manchester City attacking midfielder is known for his game vision, technical skills, and goal-scoring ability. Foden has shown that he can perform at the highest level both at club and national level. With a market value of around €150 million, Foden is one of the most valuable young players at Euro 2024. 
4. Pedri (Spain) - €140 Million

Pedri, a young Spanish midfielder, has been a mainstay in the Barcelona midfield and the Spanish national team. His ability to set the tempo of the game and keen vision has made him a key player for La Roja. With a market price of €140 million, Pedri is a perfect example of the new generation of talented players emerging from Spain.
5. Jude Bellingham (England) - €130 Million

Jude Bellingham has made huge waves since moving to the Bundesliga and now at Real Madrid. The young English midfielder has shown great maturity and ability in the midfield. With balanced defensive and attacking skills, Bellingham is considered one of the best midfielders in the world. His market value of €130 million reflects his huge potential.

Euro 2024 promises to be an incredible action with these talented players taking center stage. With fantastic market values, they are not only stars on the pitch but also great investments for clubs and sponsors. Let's see how they will impact the tournament and whether their value will increase even more after Euro 2024 is over! 

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