7 Best Data Backup Applications for Android 2021


7 Best Data Backup Applications for Android 2021

(Riview App Backup Applications for Android free)

Iblogtren.com - Recomended 7 Best Data Backup Applications for Android 2021 ,One important step that is often forgotten by smartphone users is backing up their data or better known as backup. However, backing up data can prevent us from losses such as losing important files or data.

Therefore, the backup application here will really help you to restore the lost data.

For that, we will give you 7 recommendations for Android backup applications without  root version by of Iblogtren. We guarantee the data that is backed up will always be safe.

7 Best Android Data Backup Applications Without Root

Currently there are lots of backup applications circulating on the internet with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, here we will provide recommendations for the 7 best backup applications for Android phones. 

1. Super Backup & Restore 

The first recommendation for the best Android data backup application is Super Backup & Restore.

As the name suggests, this application is super amazing because it can back up all your data, from contacts, applications, photos, videos, to bookmarks, automatically according to schedule.Later the backup data will be saved in your Gmail or Google Drive account

2. Helium

Through the Helium application you can backup and restore via your PC or computer, gang.The data itself, you can choose to save it on an SD card or to a cloud account such as Dropbox or Google Drive.In addition, this application also allows you to synchronize application data from your other Android phones.

3. G Cloud Backup

The third Android backup application is G Cloud Backup. If you use this data backup application, you will get 7GB of free storage and will get a daily bonus of 50MB.

By using the G Cloud Backup application, you don't need to bother preparing an SD card or other additional storage.

4. Easy Backup Restore

The next recommendation for data backup applications from ApkVenue is Easy Backup Restore.

This application allows you to back up applications on your internal, external, or drive memory. Apart from doing application backups, Easy Backup Restore also has many other features such as Quick app uninstalling which can uninstall many applications at once.


MyBackup is a recommendation for the best backup application for the next Android phone. This application is claimed to be the easiest, most reliable, and has many features

With this data backup application you can save important files directly to USB on the go or OTG. However, if you want to backup the APK, you must have root access first

6.App Backup & Restore

ApkVenue's next recommendation is a backup application developed by the VPN Master Labs developer called App Backup & Restore. 

As the name implies, this application can only be used to backup your APK or application data. Without the need for root access, you can save important data directly to the SD card or cloud storage.

7.App Backup Restore Transfer

The last recommendation for Android backup applications is App Backup Restore Transfer. This application allows you to back up or restore applications or personal information such as phone logs, SMS, contacts, and others.

In addition, through this application you can also save storage space because you can put the backed up data in cloud storage.

That's the recommendation of the 7 best Android backup applications without root from iblogtren.com , you can choose the application that best suits your needs.

Don't forget to always regularly backup important data on your smartphone.

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