PUBG Mobile Redeem code which is still active in September 2021

Pubg Mobile Redeem - The following is the PUBG Mobile redeem code which is still active in September 2021. Claim the redeem code to get free gifts directly in the game. As we know, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games for fans. Presenting an authentic battle royale experience like on the PC version, the presence of PUBG Mobile provides an interesting experience where you can play anywhere, even while lying down.

The main mission of this game is to survive until the match ends. It's not easy, you have to move to follow a certain circle or circles that are getting smaller. Those who can survive until the end, whether players or squads, are those who managed to get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD), the term for victory in PUBG Mobile. For those of you who like to play PUBG Mobile, you must have collected a lot of cool skins, right? Well, this time there is a PUBG Mobile redeem code that is still active with prizes of items to skins for free or free.

Through this redeem code, you can save more because you don't need to top up UC (PUBG Mobile currency) to get skins. Without further ado, check out the PUBG Mobile redeem code which is still active this September. If you haven't had time to claim, let's see in full below. 

PUBG Mobile redeem code - September 2021 

  • 150NEWUPDATE - Corn Suit (1 day) and Corn Cover (1 day) 

Expired PUBG Mobile redeem code: 

  • BQEHZBZ556

Then how to claim the PUBG Mobile redeem code?

How to claim the PUBG Mobile redeem code Immediately, 

here's how to use or claim the PUBG Mobile redeem code:

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile redeem code exchange .
  2.  Fill in the available fields, such as Character ID, Redeem Code and Verification Code.
  3.  To fill in the Character ID column you can open PUBG Mobile and go to the profile section. 
  4. Just below your account name is a row of numbers, that's Character ID. 
  5. Then fill in the Redeem Code column with the code above. 
  6. While your Verification Code is filled with the code next to it. If the Verification code is an error, you can refresh it by clicking the button next to the code. 
  7. Finally, click Redeem.

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