How to Sell Photos on Istockphoto: Easy and Profitable


how to sell photos on istockphoto — Did you know that there is a platform to sell your photos that is easy and proven to pay off? Istockphoto is a site for selling photos.

So how do you sell photos on Istockphoto?

Not only photos, but also illustrations and videos that people can sell through the site.

There is a lot of content from creators to photographers who sell their photos through Istockphoto.

Of course, this is an opportunity for those of you who have a large collection of photos and want to sell them.

How to Sell Photos on Istockphoto?

The income of photo sellers on the Istockphoto site is increasing here and there. Here's how to sell photos through Istockphoto.

  1. Download the contributor app by Getty Images via the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Complete the download process and if the initial display appears, click get started.
  3. Register by entering your email address and the country where you live, then click next.
  4. Click photos and enter several photos, namely 3-5 photos and click Apply.
  5. Wait about 5-7 days for the review process. So your photo will be reviewed by Istockphoto. Later you will get a guide sent to the email.
  6. For example adding titles, keywords, and so on.

Some of the Most Popular Photo Themes in the Market Istockphoto

So, just like the product in the form of real goods, photos are also the same. There are several themes that are often the most sought after aliases sold on the Istockphoto market. Knowing this as a photo contributor there is of course an opportunity.

Contributors can choose which photos are more appropriate for your target audience. So that it will sell faster and produce more. So, what are the tips for uploading photos that sell well on the Istockphoto market?

1. Monthly Theme

Every month, Istockphoto will announce trending photos or photos that are being sought after. The announcement was made on the Istockphoto contributor forum. For example, in March, the theme of the photo is March – Money – Work.

Now, to find out and update related to this, contributors should check more contributor forum sites on the website. So you don't miss any information related to the trending photos.

2. Custom Content and Creative

The way to sell photos on Istockphoto is to use a custom cententent service. Which Istockphoto will announce on the contributor form regarding the custom content theme that is currently needed or not.

So that later buyers will see the results directly and if it succeeds in attracting their interest to buy then you will get a lot of benefits.

3. Events or Moments Abroad

Most photo buyers do come from abroad, especially those in the United States. Therefore, it would be nice if contributors also participated in various moments that were abroad.

For example, Halloween celebrations, it's a good idea to look for photo themes related to Halloween. It can be from knick-knacks and so on. So you don't have to go there and take a photo of it in person.

Thus some information related to how to sell photos on Istockphoto. Hope it helps for those of you who are in the world of photography and illustrators.

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