3 Easy and Accurate Ways to Check Genuine or Fake Xiaomi with Codes for Safe Purchases

3 Easy and Accurate Ways to Check Genuine or Fake Xiaomi - In today's digital age, buying a smartphone demands extra caution, especially with the proliferation of counterfeit products. Xiaomi, a leading smartphone brand, often falls victim to imitation. For consumers seeking genuine Xiaomi phones, understanding how to verify the authenticity of a product using specific codes is crucial. In this article, we will explore three up-to-date methods to ensure the authenticity of Xiaomi smartphones. By following these steps, you can avoid scams and ensure a secure and trustworthy smartphone purchase. Let's delve into these methods in detail to ensure you get an authentic Xiaomi product.

1. Check IMEI Code on Xiaomi's Official Website

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number assigned to every mobile phone. Xiaomi provides an official online service where you can verify the authenticity of your phone by entering its IMEI number. To find your IMEI number, dial *#06# on your Xiaomi phone. Once you have the IMEI number, visit Xiaomi's official website and enter the number in the designated area. The website will confirm whether the IMEI number is valid or not, ensuring the authenticity of your Xiaomi device.

2. Use Product Authentication Verification Code

Xiaomi offers a product authentication verification service through a unique code printed on the product's packaging. Look for the QR code or product authentication verification code on your Xiaomi phone's box. If you can't find it, you can also locate it in the Settings menu > About Phone > Phone Information. Once you have the code, visit Xiaomi's official website and input it. The website will inform you if the product is genuine or fake, providing peace of mind regarding your purchase.

3. Utilize the MIUI Verification App

Xiaomi has an official app called MIUI Verification designed specifically to help users check the authenticity of Xiaomi products. Download this app from the Google Play Store or Mi App Store, then open the app and follow the provided instructions. This application enables you to quickly and accurately verify the authenticity of your Xiaomi phone, ensuring you have a genuine product in your hands.


Securing a high-quality smartphone like Xiaomi is a valuable investment, and it's essential to guarantee that you are getting an authentic product meeting the highest quality standards. By employing the methods outlined above, you can easily and accurately verify the authenticity of your Xiaomi phone, avoiding scams and enjoying the genuine Xiaomi experience. Don't hesitate to use any of the mentioned approaches to authenticate your Xiaomi product and feel confident in your purchase decision.

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