3 New Instagram Features, Dark Mode & Stories Similar to Snap Chat

New Instagram Features, Dark Mode & Stories Similar to Snap Chat

iblogtren.com -  how to activate the dark mode feature on Instagram? Instagram made changes to some of its features lately. Instagram u sers must have experienced some of these changes, especially after the application update.

1. Dark Mode

One of the latest features that Instagram presented earlier this week is dark mode. The Dark mode feature is one of the features awaited by users. This feature can save the battery power of the device used and reduce the light on the screen so as not to hurt the eyes.

Here's how to activate the dark mode feature on Instagram:

  • iPhone

The dark mode feature can only be activated on an iPhone that uses the iOS 13. operating system. So download and make sure the iPhone is using iOS 13.

After that activate the dark mode feature on the iPhone. By going to Settings -> Display -> Dark Mode.
Reinstall Instagram to the latest version. After that the dark mode feature is active on the iPhone.

  • Android 

Make sure the phone gets dark mode. Then activate the dark mode by going to Settings -> Display -> Night Mode -> On

Enter the Play Store and scroll down to find "You're a Beta Tester and select Join Beta.
The next step is downloading the beta beta. Afterwards open the Instagram application, dark mode is available

2. Instagram Stories

After Dark mode, Instagram also makes changes to the Stories camera by making it easier to look for visual effects. This change makes Instagram more similar to Snapchat.

Even later there will be a create feature on Instagram Stories, which allows users to use interactive stickers without taking pictures first. In addition, users will also be able to use GIF as a background for Story posts

3. The Following Activity feature is deleted

This feature was quickly realized by Instagram users soon after it was implemented, namely the absence of following activity.

As a result Instagram users can now no longer see the activity of friends or accounts that are followed. When the user clicks on the heart icon, only the activity itself appears.

"Many people do not know their activities can be seen by others. But in the end simplicity is the driving factor [removal of Following features]," Instagram Head of Product Vishal Shah told Buzzfeed as reported by PhoneArena.

This feature was launched by Instagram in 2011. The Following tab allows users to view and monitor likes, comments and other user activities that you follow.

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