How to Install Google Camera (GCam) in Realme 5i

Google Camera (GCAM) (for realme 5i) + Link, is an advanced camera application made by Google that can be used by several devices to improve Camera Performance on the cellphone. In addition, Google Camera can integrate OEM hardware and software hardware which is very great and also special advanced features that like to experiment in Photos.

Google Camera (GCAM) (for realme 5i) + Link
The following admin will share about how to tutorial or how to install the latest version of Google Camera (GCAM) on a smartphone specifically for Realme 5i devices, don't download or install this GCAM on other devices that might not be able to open. For the GCAM features this time, you can read the following at once with a complete installation tutorial.

Features GCAM 7.2 for Realme 5i

  • Interface
- Night Sight
- Portrait
- Standar Camera
- Video Recording
- and More: Panorama, Photo Sphere, Slow Motion, Time Lapse and Lens.
- HDR+ on and HDR+ Enhanced, Motion, Timer, Flash
  • Advanced Settings
- Show dity lens warning
- HDR+ Control (Recomended active)
- RAW+ JPEG Control
- Store Videos efficiently
  • Mods Configs Creator
- Enable Lib Patcher
- Lib Patcher: Denoise, Wavelet Spatial, Denoise Levels, Wavelet Luma Denoise Levels, Wavelet Spatial Denoise Levels and Wavelet Chrome Denoise Levelds.
- Tone Curve: Recomended Enable. (Dark Point, White Point, Shadows (Lower Curve Half), And Highlights (Upper Curve Half).


Note: The tutorial below is for those who have never installed the .Apk file so it is a bit long, but if you have already or are accustomed to installing the apk file, just skip the following tutorial and download the file that has been provided below.

  1.  Please first download the .apk Google Camera file that admin has provided below, Sizen is around 115MB, friend.
  2.  If you already have already successfully downloaded the apk file. The first time you install the app there will usually be a text 'for Your Security, Your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source' So my friend must allow in order to be able to install the apk file through the Browser / File Manager, Select 'SETTING' and Check ' Allow Apps Form this source 'after that press back on navigation.
  3. If you already have to install the apk file, select Install and wait for it to finish.
  4. If so, Select Done. Now my friend has successfully installed the .apk Google Camera file.
  5. Open GCAM through the Menu or Shortcut icon on your Realme phone.

How Friend, Interested in trying Google Camera (GCAM) on this one? This can also be used as a collection, which buddy likes which version of GCAM. But if you want to try GCAM with the latest version which has more features, the admin recommends trying the GCAM 7.2 version, this is guaranteed to be cool, especially if you like photography.

Question and Answer features:

● What is HDR +: With this feature you can take photos / images that are better than usual.
● What is Night Sight: With Night Sight Mode you can take pictures in low light. It is suitable for you who like to take pictures at night with little light. The photo will be sharper than not using this mode.
● What is Portrait: In this mode also will make the subject of your photo appear by leaving it in color, while changing the background to black and white.

If there is a problem when you want to download an apk file such as (link error, apk file cannot be opened, failed to install, or other problems), you can directly comment below or you can also via the Contact us page available on this Blog.

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