How to Lock 4G LTE Network on the Latest Samsung Phones (100% Work)

How to Lock 4G HP Samsung - Smartphones with unstable connections and networks will indeed make users feel upset. Not only can hamper access to the internet. An unstable network can also increase battery power consumption so that it runs out faster.

A stable 4G LTE signal is needed now and in the future. If you like playing online games like PUBG, Mobile Legends or online games that require a stable connection, then a stable 4G signal is needed.

With a stable 4G LTE connection, it can overcome lag when playing Mobile Legends, PUBG or other online games. Not only online games, a smooth 4G connection is also needed for smooth browsing, streaming and downloading.

It will be a problem if the 4G signal is unstable and often switches to 3G or H +, so from here I will tell you how to lock the 4G LTE network on a Samsung cellphone so that the 4G signal does not disappear. The tutorial below is very easy, it only takes 5 minutes. Following the review..

How to Lock a 4G Network on the Latest Samsung Phones

How to lock 4G LTE on Samsung's own cellphone is actually quite easy. Especially if you use a Samsung mobile phone with an old operating system, then you can set it via the settings menu. Next, you can choose the Cellular Network menu.

Well, that's where you can set yourself or lock the 4G LTE network to your liking.

In some new devices 4G LTE networks are also available. For example, such as Asus and Xiaomi devices. On these devices, to do 4G network keys can be through a dial code that is * # * # 4636 # * # *. Then the device info will appear to lock the network.

However, this method is quite different to be done on the latest Samsung devices.

Even though your old Samsung device can still use this method. However, for new Samsung devices, there must be another way to lock the network. That is because the method has been deactivated by Samsung so you have to use a third-party application to do the network key.

The following are the steps to lock 4G networks on Samsung phones without root ...

• First of all you must first download the application that will be used to lock the 4G signal on your Samsung cellphone. This application is called 4G LTE Only. You can get the application in the Google Play store for free.
lock 4G LTE Only
  • Then install the application then open and select "Start & Continue" to continue.

  • Then choose "LTE | 3G | 4G | Settings" in the middle of the screen.

• Then you will enter the device info page, then change the "Set Preferred Network Type" or "Set Preferred Network Type" by tapping the options below.

lock 5g network only

Then several options will appear and just select "LTE Only" to lock the 4G network on Samsung mobiles.

• Wait a few moments and your Samsung device will automatically be locked on a 4G network.

You need to note that the 4G LTE Only application can only be used on Samsung devices that already support 4G networks. So, don't ever try to lock 4G networks on devices that don't support 4G networks.

Not only that, these settings also Do not disappear when your Samsung cell phone dies or restarts. So, you have to set it again if the phone is already alive to be able to enjoy the 4G network.

Meanwhile, to restore the original network on your Samsung device, then you can use the initial setup menu or by restarting the Samsung device.

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