How to Overcome Blog Visibility Status on Google Adsense Sellers.Json File - How to Overcome Blog Visibility Status on seller.json file Google Adsense - Recently an adsense publisher received a notification on their adsense dashboard: "We recommend that you publish your seller information in Google's sellers.json file. Go to the account settings page to review your current visibility status. "

According to Google Adsense, this notification means that each individual publisher or business can choose whether the visibility status of the seller's information is kept confidential or transparent.

If the visibility status is kept secret, it will greatly affect their Google Adsense revenue level, and if it is changed to transparent, the publisher will allow the seller's information to be seen publicly (See more here:

How to Change Seller Information to Be Transparent

So that Adsense income is not a problem, you should as an Adsense publisher change the seller information on the Adsense dashboard to be transparent.

So you don't need to be confused about having to put the sellers.json file on the blog or website that you have, because you only need to change the visibility status and write the domain name registered to the adsense account.

Check out how to change seller information or make information visibility transparent:

  1. Login to your Google Adsense account
  2. Click account
  3. Select 'Settings' then select 'Account Information'
  4. In the section 'Visibility of Seller Information' please select 'Transparent'
  5. After that, type the domain name without www in the column provided, for example:
  6. Done

Make sure the domain you are typing in is a domain that is registered and verified by your current adsense account.

The sellers.json file will look like this:
"sellerId": "pub-1234567890123456",
"sellerType": "PUBLISHER",
"name": "Example Company Inc."


  • 'sellerId' is a 16 digit google adsense publisher code
  • 'sellerType' is a type of google adsense account
  • 'name' is the information that will be displayed in the 'Name and Address' section on your google adsense dashboard payment profile
  • 'domain' is the domain name registered and verified on the google adsense dashboard

Until now you have successfully changed, installed, and resolved the visibility status of the blog on the google adsense sellers.json file, make sure you change it to transparent mode so that your google adsense income is not a problem.

Hopefully the information in this article is related to how to deal with google adsense files sellers.json can be useful. thanks.

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