Realme 7 & Realme 7i in Indonesia: Specifications, Price, Release Schedule


Realme 7 & Realme 7i - Realme Indonesia will release Realme 7 and Realme 7i in Indonesia on September 17/2020, as announced by the company via social media Twitter, Monday (7/9/2020). Unexpectedly, instead of bringing in the Pro version of Realme 7, Realme chose the Realme 7i series, which is still "gray" in terms of price and specifications. Even so, on Instagram social media leaked specs of the Realme 7i, which are said to be powered by the Snapdragron 662 processor, have a 6.5-inch screen, and are supported by a large 5,000mAh battery. Meanwhile, Realme 7 has been marketed in India since last week, which carries the specifications "slightly different" from the Pro version. This phone counts on the latest Helio G95 which has a gaming chipset status.

Realme 7i Specifications 
As stated at the outset, the Realme 7i doesn't have much to learn about prices and specifications. The GSM Arena page can only "feel" the device information. On social media Instagram recently circulated information about the specifications of the Realme 7i in the form of uploading a photo of the device's spec table, from the CPU to its fast charging technology. From these leaks, the Realme 7i looks like a "tompel" screen design or a punch hole to accommodate a 16MP selfie camera in the upper right corner. Embedded fingerprint sensor on the rear body of the Realme 7i. Realme 7i uses a quad-camera suit that is arranged in a box consisting of 8MP, 64MP, 2MP and 2MP. Predictably, 64MP is the main camera, 8MP is for a wide-angle lens, while 2MP is for bokeh lenses and macro cameras, respectively. Other spec leaks, Realme 7i uses 8GB of free RAM including 128GB of ROM. The processor itself is the Snapdragron 662. This spec information has not been confirmed. The price for the Realme 7i is not certain

Realme 7 specifications 

In contrast to Realme 7i, Realme 7 can be further explored because it has been marketed in India, as reported by GSM Arena. There, Realme 7 is available in two variants. Realme 7 is marketed at a price of 14,999 rupees or around Rp. 3.1 million for the 6GB + 64GB model and 16,999 rupees or around Rp. 3.4 million for the 8GB + 128GB model (exchange rate Rp.201.61). It is predicted that the Realme 7 price in Indonesia will not be much different. Regarding design, Realme 7 uses a "tompel" screen or a punch hole that is placed in the upper left corner. This phone uses the Realme UI interface based on Android 10. On the camera, Realme 7 and the Pro version both use a quad-camera configuration consisting of a 64MP wide lens, 8MP ultra-wide lens, 2MP macro lens and 2MP depth lens. Although both are equipped with equivalent rear camera ammunition, the front camera is different. The Pro version is better because it is 32MP stronger than 16MP in Realme 7 for selfie cameras. The Realme 7 screen carries a 6.5-inch IPS LCS type screen but has been protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Realme 7 uses MediaTek's latest chipset, the Helio G95 which is designed for gaming needs. For RAM capacity, Realme 7 is supported by RAM up to 8GB with ROM up to 128GB. The Realme 7 battery has a capacity of 5,000mAh and has a USB Type-C port when charged via cable. Still from the power supply, Realme 7 is supported by 30W fast charging with the ability to charge 50 percent of the battery in 26 minutes. Because the screen type is IPS LCS, Realme 7 is still conventional with regard to the fingerprint sensor located on the side of the device body. As for other security features, for example, face unlock, this phone also supports it..

Release Schedule for Realme 7 and Realme 7i 

Realme 7 and Realme 7i is scheduled for release in Indonesia on September 17, 2020.

 The launch of this event can be watched online via the website starting at 13.07 WIB. Ahead of the launch event, Realme invites its device users to take part in a contest on its website that prizes Realme 7. This contest is valid from 7-17 September 2020. Users only need to register until 17 September 2020 at 11.00 WIB and get a lottery code. Announcement of winners will be released on the same date at 13.07 WIB or right when Realme 7 and Realme 7i are launched. For details, check here.

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