8 Difference between Xiaomi Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A

Difference between Xiaomi Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A

IblogWiki - Xiaomi has just released two 8 Series smartphones, namely Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A. Both are said to be the final year-end smartphone for the Chinese company.
Although both of them are present in the entry-level segment, they are still different. Before you decide which one to buy, it's better to see first the comparison of specifications from Xiaomi Redmi 8 and 8A specifically from Iblogtren.com

1. Camera

This Duo Redmi 8 Series packs a different camera. Because, Redmi 8 appears with a dual-camera configuration, which is 12MP and 2MP. Meanwhile, the 'younger brother', Redmi 8A is only equipped with a single camera of 12MP.
It also affects the supporting features of photography. In Redmi 8, users can take pictures of objects with the 'Bokeh' feature. Meanwhile, Redmi 8A does not provide that feature because it does not have a lens depth of 2MP.

2. Fingerprint

This time, Redmi 8 is also superior in terms of a more complete security access. Xiaomi pinned a fingerprint on the back panel of the Redmi 8 under a dual-camera. Unfortunately, Redmi 8A does not have a fingerprint scanner yet.

3. IR Blaster

Like other Xiaomi phones, Redmi 8 is also supported by IR Blaster technology. This feature makes it possible for users to use it as a remote for other electronic devices. However, Xiaomi does not embed IR Blaster on Redmi 8A, so users will not be able to use it as a remote.

4. RAM and Internal Storage

Although released simultaneously, and are in the same segmentation, Xiaomi still offers a different memory configuration. Specifically Redmi 8, offers 2 options, namely 3GB / 32GB RAM and 4GB / 64GB RAM. Meanwhile, Redmi 8A only comes with 1 lower configuration, which is 2GB / 32GB.Both are equipped with a Micro SD slot whose storage can be added up to 512GB.

5. Finishing

Both offer 3 color options, but the finishing panel behind the screen is different. Redmi 8 is packaged with a glossy look, while 8A has a matte finish. So, holographic reflection like the current trend is only owned by Redmi 8.

The Redmi 8 Series both have 3 color options. For Xiaomi Redmi 8 appear with Onyx Black, Ruby Red, and Sapphire Blue colors. Meanwhile, Redmi 8 arrives with the Midnight Black, Sunset Red, Ocean Blue color options.

6. Weight

Both cellphones have the same dimensions of 156.48 × 75.41 × 9.4mm. But the two are different in weight.
Redmi 8A weighs 188g while the Redmi 8 weighs 190g.

7. Price

For the price, of course it's different, here is the Redmi 8 price list:
  1. RAM 3GB/32GB dibanderol Rp1.749.000 (INDONESIAN RUPIAH/IDR)
  2. RAM 4GB/64GB dibanderol Rp1.849.000 (INDONESIAN RUPIAH/IDR)
Meanwhile, Redmi 8A is priced at Rp1,449,000 for the 2GB / 32GB RAM variant (INDONESIAN RUPIAH/IDR).

8. Sales

Both will go on sale on the shopping festival day 12.12. But they are sold on different e-commerce.
If you are aiming for Redmi 8, you must open the Lazada platform, while Redmi 8A is exclusively available at Shopee.

For offline channels, both will be available at Authorized Mi Store.


Being in the same series, Xiaomi embed many of the same components into the Rrdmi 8 and Redmi 8A.
On the screen, both are equipped with corning gorilla glass protection. The 6.22-inch HD screen has a ratio of 19: 9.

In the kitchen runway, the Redmi 8 Series duo is powered by Snapdragon 439. Furthermore, the duo also features a 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging support via a Type C USB port.

Although the difference is quite small, but this can still be a consideration for you in choosing it. If you want to have a smartphone with current technology such as finger print and dual-camera, you can choose Xiaomi Redmi 8. Instead, the Redmi 8A can be an option for those of you who don't need grandiose specifications and can be obtained at minimal prices.

Nevertheless, all this needs to be adjusted from the need for your smartphone. If you want to bring one of the Redmi 8 Series, you can visit the online shopping site mentioned earlier or on the official page of Xiaomi.

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