List of Device Names and Realme Firmware Codes (Complete)

List of Device Names and Realme Firmware Codes

List of Device Names and Realme Firmware Codes (Complete)  iblogwiki- Realme is a smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. A subsidiary of OPPO, Realme was founded on May 4, 2018 by Sky Li with several other young people working in the smartphone industry from various countries

Through the application of bold smartphone technology and the optimization of business models, Realme has succeeded in creating a powerful strategy to become a game changer in the domestic smartphone industry. Source:

Nowadays, Realme is very attention-grabbing and ogled by the younger generation and begins to subvert the orange kingdom (read: Xiaomi). Therefore, I began to be interested in discussing HP Realme.

Every Android smartphone has a codename or device code for each ROM so there are no device and firmware identification errors, including Realme.

Therefore, in this article I provide a list of Realme Smartphones  along with the firmware code..

List Name Devices and Code Of Firmware Realme

Devices NameCode
Realme XTRMX1921
Realme 5 ProRMX1971
Realme 5RMX1911
Realme XRMX1901
Realme 3 ProRMX1851
Realme 3RMX1821
Realme C2RMX1941
Realme U1RMX1831
Realme C1RMX1805
Realme 2 ProRMX1801
Realme 2RMX1805

Reference from:

By understanding this code, you can minimize errors in the selection of firmware when installing or updating ROM.

Notes: If the wrong choice, can make devices hardbrick or called totally death.

Similarly List of Device Names and Realme Firmware Codes.

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