How To install black shark 3 theme permanent Realme 5 Pro (with Link) free

Black shark  3 realme theme indonesia - How to install black shark 3 theme at realme (Link download). For those of you who use the OPPO and Realme tool for the time being you try this theme well using COLOROS 5.0 and above. Make sure your device supports Coloros 5.0, test using Realme C1, Real 2 Pro (ColorOS 6.0), Realme U1, Realme 3, Realme C2 & Realme 2.Realme 3, Realme 3 pro,Realme 5 & Realme 5 pro.
 For those of you who use OPPO devices, you can check the operating system version used on About Phone, make sure it supports ColorOS 5.0+.

How to Extract, Install Permanently!

Note: Before you download the Black Shark theme, make sure your device has the 'Theme Store' application installed, the custom is for ColorOS 5.0 OPPO users, but if you use Realme C1 but don't have a Theme Store you can try the theme store that I share below .

1. Delete "Theme Store" Application Data

2. Delete the "ThemeStore" Folder in the file manager

3. Open the "I Mod Pro v.1.2.7" application (which you have downloaded)

  - to open "I mod pro", click the middle icon to get the loading.

4. after open click the settings icon in the upper right corner

5. select - Patch Update (Wait until the notification "Patch list Update")

6. select the Blackshark 3 Theme that you have downloaded - long click - select - patch (select the name of the theme you want to disguise)

7. Open file manager stock -> install a patched theme -> Choose a trial

8. Delete the ThemeStore  folder

9. open the Theme store application, look for the appropriate theme patch in I mod pro - download without applying. (For example: Starry / Starry Night on Trees)

10. back to home - delete the recent app

11. Finish.

Alternative ways without i mod pro:

1. Delete Theme Store Application Data
2. Delete the "ThemeStore" Folder in the file manager
3. then open the blackshark theme file from the file manager.
4.clear cache and delete themestore application data.
5. Open themestore.

Notes: if a pop-up notification comes out to select "keep" or "ignore", please just ignore it.


  • Blackshark 3 theme (only)  :  Download
  • iMod Pro v1.2.7 (Apk)        : Download
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