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iblogtren.com - Airplane Simulation Games for Android (Recommended)- Airplane simulation games are one of the most popular game genres for Android users. Not because the challenges are tough, but also the excitement that is presented is not the same as the excitement in other genre games.

In the following, we recommend 5 airplane simulation games that can be used on Android-based devices.

1. Extreme Landing

This is the first most realistic airplane simulator game I have played. At that time, honestly, there was no airplane game based on Android that could match not only in terms of graphics but also in terms of gameplay.

Now, several games of the same genre have emerged that offer challenges, graphics and gameplay that are no less good.

2. Real Flight Simulator

This game, which is also made by Rortos, is one level above Extreme Landing, where in this game you can choose an airport and determine the weather conditions in real-time or by scenario.

You can also fly live then greet other pilots and discover a wider selection of aircraft than in Extreme Landing.

3. Infinite Flight

Having pretty neat graphics and interesting gameplay, Infinite Flight has a myriad of features that pamper its users, including:


  • Dozens of planes in various airline fleets, general aviation and military aircraft (subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro to unlock all aircraft)
  • Multiple regions featuring high definition satellite imagery, accurate topography and all major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
  • Customizable days and weather conditions (real time or custom)
  • Realistic atmosphere with views of the sun, moon and stars
  • Autopilot (supports control of all flight parameters, NAV mode for following flight plans, and auto land on selected aircraft)

4. Airplane!

Even though it doesn't have the best graphic quality as the three airplane simulation games above, Airplane! I think it has the potential to continue to grow. The gameplay that is served is quite selling and is fairly simple, suitable for beginner gamers who have devices with limited resources.

5. X-Plane Flight Simulator

The choice of aircraft that is not too many makes this game less appreciated. Even though in terms of gameplay and graphics, the quality is more than sufficient. The arrangement and position of the buttons are also fairly neat, easy to control and with extra features designed to pamper you.

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