How to Make an Auto Responder on WhatsApp Business


How to create auto responder whatsapp business

Designed for business people, the auto responder feature on WhatsApp Business makes it easy for brand owners to provide the best service to their customers.

There are two types of auto responders that can be found on Whatsapp Business, namely away messages and greeting messages. Both work automatically, once set will work alone without involving human hands.

Like this, the steps to create an auto responder on WhatsApp Business.

  • Run WA Business as usual, then tap the main menu and tap Business Tools.

How to create auto responder whatsapp

  • Next is Start by setting the Away Message.
Setting whatsapp Autoresponder

Almost the same as the first setting, first activate the greeting message feature, then the message that will be sent to new customers. Then decide who will receive the message. Finally, tap Save to save changes.

Done. You have successfully created an autoresponder on WhatsApp Business !.

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