This is a WhatsApp threat for users who reject the new policy


WhatsApp threat for users who reject the new policy - WhatsApp Threat for user who reject the new policy .WhatsApp will reportedly slowly cripple the accounts of users who don't want to accept privacy policy changes.

Later, users who refuse to accept this policy change will not be able to send messages, effective from May 15.
Citing the Mac Rumors report, WhatsApp will gradually ask users who haven't agreed to comply with the new terms over the coming weeks.

Like it or not, users are asked to approve the changes by May 15 so they can still use this application to its full potential. 

If the user still does not accept these conditions, in the short term these users will still be able to receive calls and notifications, but will not be able to read or send messages from the Whatsapp application.
Previously, WhatsApp had announced the terms of its new policy in early January.
The policy has been interpreted by many users that WhatsApp will share their messages with its parent company, Facebook.
The application then rushed to clarify that private messages between users will remain end-to-end encrypted, so that they can only be accessed by those in the conversation.

However, WhatsApp also allows users to send messages to businesses, and the same protections won't apply to those messages.The data in these business messages can later be used for commercial purposes such as targeting ads on Facebook, with some data being stored on Facebook servers.

This misperception caused a massive wave of protests against Whatsapp. It has even led to a massive migration of WhatsApp users to other messaging applications such as Telegram and Signal.

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