How to Make a Blue Check [Verified] Instagram Account 2021


How to Make a Blue Check [Verified] Instagram Account 2021 - How to get an Instagram account blue tick? 2021 - This term actually refers to a verified account.

What is a Verified Account? 

Verified Account is a verified account - identical to the blue tick - which aims to make it easier for users to distinguish real accounts of public figures, brands, or other entities from fake / cloned accounts.

meaning that an Instagram account will have a blue check mark as a sign of the authenticity of an account or an account that has been verified as authentic by Instagram.

Conditions to Get Blue Tick :

1. Artist / Celebrity

The profession as a famous artist or celebrity is sure to have an untold number of fans. Therefore, to avoid forgery of the artist's account, Instagram will verify the account.

2. Athlete or Artist

It is possible that some famous athletes will have their Instagram accounts faked. Therefore, Instagram needs to verify the account to avoid fake accounts on behalf of the athlete.

As for artists, maybe they will post their works on their Instagram account. So, to protect copyright, Instagram will verify accounts for artists.

3.Famous Product Brands

You can see well-known product brands, for example, they already have a verified account from Instagram so that loyal consumers are not deceived by fake accounts.

4.Public figure

Apart from artists, artists, athletes, and well-known product brands, public figures are also included in one of the list of requirements to get a blue tick on Instagram.

The goal is still the same, so that there are no duplicate accounts of the public figures.

5. Accounts with Drastically Increasing Followers and Likers

If you find it difficult to become a celebrity, you can still get the Verified Instagram Account symbol by increasing the number of Followers and Likes.

Instagram will consider accounts that have a drastic increase in followers and likes every day.

6.Accounts that are currently Hits on Instagram

Account hits are not always celebgrams, you can get a blue check if your IG account hits enough, in the sense that it is being discussed a lot by Instagram users.

7.Multiple Live Accounts

Personal accounts that are widely duplicated or forged are also included in one of the conditions for getting a blue check. The reason is, if the personal account has been reproduced by other people, let alone used for personal gain, then Instagram will give a blue check to the original account.


Tidak mengherankan kalau para selebgram akan mendapatkan centang biru karena dianggap memiliki banyak fans.

Ketenaran selebgram juga berpotensi untuk dipalsukan akunnya oleh orang yang tak bertanggung jawab.

How to Create an Instagram Blue Check Account

If you can meet one of the conditions above, here's how to submit a blue check to Instagram.

  1. Login to your Instagram account;
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner, select Settings »Accounts.
  3. Next look for Request Verification
  4. Enter your personal data including a copy of your KTP or SIM or Passport.
  5. Then select Category, whether Blogger / Influencer, Organization, Government / Politics and so on;
  6. if it is a corporate account, enter a tax bill, company bill or article related to your company;
  7. If so, click Send.

Submission of verification is not immediately approved, Instagram will first review the account that has been submitted.
Some of the points of review include:
  • Authenticity;
  • does it represent a real person;
  • business; and
  • real well-known entity or not.

The next point is completeness such as setting up a public account (public account), bio, profile photo, and at least one post.

Instagram will review the feasibility of representing well-known individuals, brands or entities that people are often looking for. For publishers or mass media, Instagram will consider the news content published by the media. The user will receive a confirmation whether the submission is accepted or not via the notification tab.

Finally, Instagram confirms that this submission is free, aka free of charge.
That's How to Make an Instagram Blue Check Account [Verified].

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