Lost Saga Origin Remastered Officially Released !


[Iblogtren.com] - Lost Saga Origin Remasterd Officially Released

[Iblogtren.com] - Lost Saga Origin Remasterd Officially Released Download - Gravity Game Link announces that Lost Saga Origin has been officially released . LSO is the latest title from the already popular Lost Saga game

LSO is Lost Saga which carries the original version with content, features such as hundreds of heroes, dozens of modes, and gameplay that Lost Saga lovers know beforehand.

In addition, Lost Saga Origin will also get the latest updated content according to the version of Lost Saga from its home country, namely South Korea.

What is the Lost Saga Origin Game?

Lost Saga Origin is a Lost Saga game with the same version as the one released for Indonesia since 2011, but with some of the latest content that adapts to the updated content from Lost Saga Korea

Harry Choi said that: 

With the presence of Lost Saga Origin, we are sure that Gravity Game Link will be able to provide the excitement of playing and the nostalgic experience of Lost Saga gamers in all corners of the world, especially Indonesia.

In order to enliven the launch of Lost Saga Origin, Gravity Game Link presents a series of events with the main prize of 1 Honda Brio E-CVT Car, as well as direct prizes for In-Game Items in the form of dozens of Permanent Heroes and other exclusive items worth millions.

LS Remastered Pre-Registration Transcends 1 Million Players

During the transition from Closed Beta to Open Beta, the enthusiasm of Lost Saga Remastered fans was seen. This was proven by the number of pre-registrations that continued to grow until they managed to penetrate 1 million registrants.

Gravity Game Link gives a deep appreciation and thanks all the players who participated in the Pre-Registration event. Furthermore, Gravity Game Link has prepared various attractive prizes to welcome Open Bta LSR.

Currently, you can play Lost Saga Remastered and download it via the Gravity Game Link website. If you have any questions regarding the game, you can visit their official Fanpage.

How? Interested in playing the Lost Saga Origin? Please download the Lost Saga Origin Game for PC if it is available.

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