6 Latest Android Features, from Dark Mode to Check Password


6 Latest Android Features, from Dark Mode to Check Password

Top Six Latest Android Features, from Dark Mode to Check Password - Google has announced the latest feature updates for six Android apps, from TalkBack to Android Auto app. All these updates will be rolled out gradually to users around the world.

Several new features were presented by Google in six Android applications. For example, Dark Mode for Google Maps, scheduling message delivery in the Messages application, and so on.

Here are 6 of the latest features for Android applications launched by Google, as quoted by Iblogtren.com from CNET, Saturday (27/2/2021)

1. Password Check Up feature for Android Applications

Previously, the Password Checkup feature was only available to Chrome users. But now, Google is bringing this security feature to Android users.

Password Checkup is very useful for those of you who take advantage of Google's Password Manager to auto-fill usernames and passwords on certain sites.

With this feature Google will check all registered user usernames and passwords, whether a leak has occurred or was revealed in hacking.

If user data is found in a leaked database, Google will provide recommendations to immediately change the password.

Password Checkup is available for devices running on Android Pie and above. To check whether you got this feature or not, go to Settings> System> Language & Input> Advanced, and select Autofill Service.

Make sure you select Google services in this section. If Password Checkup is already in the cellphone system, this feature will notify you if any of your important information is leaked.

2.Dark Mode on Google Maps

For those of you who like the appearance of Dark Mode, immediately check for updates to Google Maps on the Play Store. It could be that you are the lucky user who gets the dark mode in the app for the first time.

Dark Mode is already on Google Maps. However, this dark display mode is only active when the user is using navigation mode only.

With this latest update, all parts of Google Maps will be covered in dark colors that are more comfortable on the eyes. To activate it, open settings in Google Maps, then select Theme and tap Always in Dark Theme.

3. Scheduled messages

Android users who like to use the Google Messages application will get the latest features that are very useful. This feature allows them to send scheduled messages.

Message scheduling is very useful, especially if the user doesn't want to disturb the recipient, or if the recipient is in a different time zone.

How to use? When you get the update, type the message as usual. But, when you want to send a message, don't press the Send button.

Press and hold the Send button, and a pop-up menu will appear to determine when the message will be sent to the recipient.

4. TalkBack is Easier to Use

The TalkBack feature that is usually found in the Android accessibility menu is also getting a big update. Features that usually help visually impaired or visually impaired users to navigate their Android devices include the latest features.

This update offers gestures, navigation options, spoken feedback, and a new menu. TalkBack now has new multi-touch gestures for Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices.

There are also new voice commands, bilingual support on the braille keyboard, and other helpful features.

5. Google Assistant

Users can now access Google's smart assistant without having to touch their phone. Users can call Google Assistant by voice, even when the phone screen is off or locked.

Google also says that cards displaying information are now larger. This makes it easier for users to read from a long distance.

To ensure this feature works, enable Lock Screen Personal Results in the Google Assistant settings.

6. Latest Android Auto Customization Features

Android Auto users also get the latest features from Google. This feature allows them to set a custom wallpaper that is displayed on the vehicle screen.

Google also added games that can be activated by voice, and can be played by passengers during long trips. One of the games presented by Google is Jeopardy.

Apart from that, Google has also added a shortcut to the Android Auto main page that makes it easy for users to view weather updates or quick access to contacts to send messages or make phone calls.

So, that's a summary of 6 new features that Google presents in the Android application. Check for updates on your Android phone right away

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